Simmons (jewellery hallmark)

The R.F. Simmons Company, of Attleboro, Massachusetts USA, was founded in 1873 by Robert Fitz Simmons.  By 1887 the company had over 200 employees, with offices in New York and agents all over the world.  The company was acquired by Jostens in 1962.

The Simmons company claims to be:

  • the first jewellery house to issue a catalogue (1881)
  • the first to stamp goods with the makers ID
  • the first to offer a guarantee of satisfaction (1880s)
  • the first to use safety chains (1890s)
  • the first to produce a practical lock bracelet


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  • Betsy Ross
  • Brenda
  • Floradora
  • R.F.S. Co.
  • R.F.S. & Co.
  • Simmons
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